Around 30 percent of visitors coming to the country are from NY, says David Collado

Around 30 percent of visitors coming to the country are from NY, says David Collado

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Published on : Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Ministry of Tourism, on last Wednesday, had arranged a dinner in New York at the Grand Plaza to get familiar with the companies which are contributing to and encouraging growth in tourism from New York to the Caribbean country.

The Minister, David Collado, led this activity by welcoming over 400 attendees, and expressing gratitude to the country for its initiations in the last ten years.

Collado said that for the Dominican Republic, New York is one of the most important markets, representing almost 30% of all visitors from the US.

The Ministry, during the event, recognized Hopper, Expedia, and Vacation Express for terms of their involvement in tourism promotion in the Dominican Republic.

Also, to Destination Weddings, a special recognition was given along with the three travel companies Flight Center Travel Group, Travelong, and Travel Impressions.

The Dominican Republic, from pandemic times, has ranked itself as one of the eminent tourist destinations in the world, illustrating that effectual health and safety rules can assure tourist safety and sustain a healthy tourism sector.

The minister declared about the strategies for the development of Miches, the Seibo, with a deal of US$1,000. For this, arrangements have been made with several hotel owners, among which Rafael Blanco, Frank Rainieri and Gustavo Cisneros deserves special mention.

The main purpose is the formation of a well thought-out magical tourist destination that attracts investment by the private sector.

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