Belleville experiencing an upward trend in tourism

Belleville experiencing an upward trend in tourism

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Published on : Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Now things in tourism in the Bay of Quinte, and more particularly Belleville are trending upwards after experiencing two years of lockdown. On Tuesday afternoon, Dug Stevenson, Bay of Quinte Regional Marketing Board Executive Director, presented this good news to the council of Belleville.

He explained that the last summer of this region showed two per cent growth rate in tourism over 2019 summer season.

Stevenson said that they are in the top 15 position in occupancy in the country and that’s quite higher than the Kingston average.

He also mentioned that the Regional Marketing Board is now more interested in experiential tourism and planning to develop ten experiences in the next two years as now tourists are more keen to visit places where they can do things and experience things at the same time.

He also stated that the Board is printing the Bay of Quinte map at the same time as it has been requested by many and by the middle of June, more than 50,000 copies should be available.

Mayor Mitch Panciuk commended Stevenson for the grant of $100,000 to 56 businesses which was provided during the pandemic. It might not have seemed a huge amount but it meant the world and helped many businesses to survive.

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