By May end, Thailand to greet 1 millionth tourists

By May end, Thailand to greet 1 millionth tourists

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Published on : Thursday, May 19, 2022

By the end of May, 2022, Thailand is quite hopeful to welcome its one millionth foreign tourists to pour into this Southeast Asian country, as per Tourism Authority of Thailand. From the time, Test & Go programme and other entry requirements of Thailand were called off, the kingdom has witnessed a sharp rise in tourists. The current rush of tourists still has nothing on the levels of pre-pandemic times.

In 2022 of May 11th, a total of 966,686 tourists from abroad have travelled into Thailand. Before May ends, the TAT hopes that the millionth tourist will enter the country. Only 428,000 foreigners arrived in Thailand last year.

From the time the country scrapped the Test & Go programme on May 1st, tourism in Thailand has increased tremendously. Potential tourists were getting upset on-arrival testing method. Additionally, scary stories were doing the rounds in internet that tourist on arrival who tested positive for Covid-19 had to pay high fees for 14 days quarantine.

The calling off on-arrival testing method has motivated an upward trend of tourism in Thailand.

Roughly 110,000 tourists were arriving in Thailand before 2020 on an everyday basis. Therefore, the country Thailand has to scale up a lot to meet foreign arrivals at pre-Covid levels.

As expected, if Thailand pass is removed on June 1st, travelling to this Southeast Asian country will become seamless. At present, it’s mandatory for tourists to upload their vaccination history along with proof of Covid-19 insurance, covering 10,000 USD.

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