Cuba Witnesses Rapid Reactivation of Tourism Sector

Cuba Witnesses Rapid Reactivation of Tourism Sector

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Published on : Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Alejandro Gil on Tuesday, the Economy Minister of Cuba declared that his country during the first quarter of 2022 received 313,908 foreign tourists which indicate a recovery of this economic sector in a gradual manner.

To demonstrate the scale of the economic expansion experienced thanks to the pandemic control on this Caribbean island, Gil said that the foreign visitors in March 2022, increased from 12,552 in March 2021 to 128,159.

“Each month this year, tourist activity grew compared to the previous month. Everything indicates that tourism will also be more dynamic in April,” Gil said during a ministerial meeting.

Roughly, 64,712 foreign tourists traveled to Cuba in the first four months of 2021. However, this data showed just 6 percent of the 983,099 tourists who came to the island in 2020, as per the information from the National Office of Statistics and Information of Cuba.

The tourism between 2020 and 2021 fell by 60 percent, due to the COVID situation, when only 573,944 international travelers visited the country. If President Miguel Diaz-Canel’s target is met, the economy of Cuba in 2022 will receive US$1.1 billion for the entry of 2.5 million visitors.

In mid-November 2021, this Caribbean country reopened its international borders. Tourism represents at present the second-largest item of the Cuban GDP and the second-largest source of foreign currency.

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