Efforts of Saudi Arabia for boosting sustainable tourism are extraordinary

Efforts of Saudi Arabia for boosting sustainable tourism are extraordinary

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Published on : Thursday, June 9, 2022

The efforts of Saudi Arabiafor boosting sustainable tourism are extraordinary, said Anita Mendiratta, the special adviser to the UNWTO Secretary-General.

On the sidelines of the 116th Executive Council of the UNWTO, Mendirattasaid that AlUla, as an instance, is remarkable, and it isdistinguishing that sustainability is not only about green and blue, it is about cultural, environmental, social and economic sustainability as well.

Mendiratta addedthat unless cultural preservation and community remain in balance, it is not possible to have a justly sustainable growth environment.

She said that the progress of the Saudi Arabia’s tourism sector keeping sustainability at the core can be utilized as a worldwide case study.

Top representatives from around the world assembled in Saudi Arabia for the meeting discussing themoving trends in global tourism in a world after the pandemic.

Mendirattaexpressed her optimism regarding the future of the tourism sectorand said that tourism has beenrecognizedas an industry codependent on global health care, background andemployment.

Mendiratta added that there is a great deal of impetus and assurance, and we have learned in the last two years that tourism is not onlyaunified and interrelatedindustry, it is interdependent as well.

Whatever setback comes, we can always withstandthose and emerge stronger. There is a need to build our future better, and we need to make sure that there is no going back.

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