Elaf Group inks memorandum of understanding with global travel company EXO

Elaf Group inks memorandum of understanding with global travel company EXO

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Published on : Saturday, June 4, 2022

Elaf Group is a foremost hospitality, travel, and tourism brand in Saudi Arabia. The group has inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the global travel company, EXO.

As per the terms of this agreement, the two parties will work together to form a key new tourism company,which would be based in Saudi Arabia with an aim ofluring more visitors from around the world.

The new company will plan exclusive tourism programs in many of the main tourist spots around theKingdom.

Dr. Adel Ezzat is the chief executive officer of Elaf Group. Hevoiced his great pride for thisforthcoming project. Dr. Ezzat said that this project would contribute toward supporting local tourism, and increase the Kingdom’s status on the world tourism map, and also increase tourism and visits to Saudi Arabia. It will boost localization in the tourism divisionin order to realize the ambitious objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.

Dr.Ezzatstressed that EXO is a top international concern and aninternationallywell-knowntrendsetterwith regard to travel experiences.

EXO’s new joint undertaking with Elaf Group will assist in generating numerous jobs for Saudi residents, in agreement with the group’s Saudi Vision 2030 purposes.

Dr. Ezzatsaid that thenew company will offer ideal travel programs forchief destinations, together with Riyadh, Al-Baha,Jeddah AlUla,Al-Hasa andAbha. These are expected to turn into the most popular places in Saudi Arabia tourists globally.

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