For trade & tourism, Jordan becomes the best place

For trade & tourism, Jordan becomes the best place

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Published on : Wednesday, May 25, 2022

In a globalised world, the Kingdom of Jordan in 2021, declared about a historic reorganization of its investment policies and governing bodies planned to manoeuvre the country toward greater interdependency and an improved role. The creation of a new Ministry of Investment was done. It was entrusted with making the nation’s potential much bigger as an investment destination headed by Khairy Amr, an experienced corporate banker.

He said that their main idea is to advertise that Jordan is not limited by its landmass. The kingdom is an optimal gateway into a region that has full of opportunities. Jordan has a near-perfect climate for renewable energies along with powerfully built infrastructure, well-tutored workforce, and desirable geographic location. The country on the world stage is already showing that it can easily be a top player and it has limitless possibiities.

In the kingdom, roughly at this moment, there are 25 national and international banks operating, along with a modern Stock Exchange, and an all-inclusive legal framework. In today’s context, the Kingdom of Jordan relishes a strong and promising economic side. In the face of hindrances in trade caused by the pandemic world over, the banking sector in Jordan has proved resilient. It has been able to uphold a broad array of investment, businesses, and retail services. This year, these are expected to show positive results with the World Bank projecting 3.2 per cent economic growth rate in general.

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