Goa will be known for spiritual and cultural tourism

Goa will be known for spiritual and cultural tourism

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Published on : Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The Chief Minister of Goa Pramod Sawant said this weekend thatGoa is till now more popular for its sun, sand and sea tourism. However, it will also be known for spiritual and cultural tourism shortly for all tourists and Goa lovers.

The Chief Minister said that in the last few years, religious institutions have given rise to a lot of awareness about dev (god), dharma (religion) and desh (nation).

Padma ShriSadguruBrahmeshanandAcharya swami said that he will bestanding with the Goa state government to reconstruct temples and give them a new look.

Acharya swami said that although we call ourselves Hindus, never attacking or disturbing anyone, we are attacked and converted and temples are ruined. Thus, we should try to re-erect or restore our temples,and do not care for anything else.

Chief Minister Sawantsaid that Goa being a tourist-dependent state, the state government aims to advance the state as the tourism capital of India and promote it on a global scale.

In his budget speech, Sawantsaid that he has set up a sum of Rs. 20 crore for rebuilding and renovation of temples and heritage sites which were demolished during the Portuguese period.

Sawantadded that the Goa state government will come up with a spiritual tourism circuit that will allow tourists to visit temples and churches in villages.

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