Ilam can Become a Major Tourism Hotspot, Says Tourism Expert

Ilam can Become a Major Tourism Hotspot, Says Tourism Expert

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Published on : Thursday, June 16, 2022

The border areas of Ilam draws a huge number of tourists every year from the adjacent countries, mainly people from Iraq, who pass through Ilam on their way to other parts of the country. This was said by Javad Vahedi on Tuesday. 

Nevertheless, the province itself has a chance to become one of the tourism hubs of the country, attracting travelers to stay over there and explore the province by staying for few days. Javad also emphasized on developing tourism infrastructure at the same time. 

It is crucial to pay a notice to the neighbouring provinces of Ilam in Iraq by introducing Iranian handicrafts. This would attract tourists from Iraq to the country.  

In the province of Ilam, there are many handicraft capabilities, which if brought to the forefront will act as an effective measure for job creation and increase the richness of art, he mentioned. 

The western part of Iran is home to half of the UNESCO sites of the country, is a land of amiable people and history, and may serve as an independent adventure playground for any traveller. Also, the region has seen the rise and fall of several great empires which had bordered Mesopotamia, Ottoman Turkey, and Czarist Russia at one point of time.

From the luxurious Caspian coast to the harsh, mountainous borders of the north, the region has everything starting right from paddy fields to dangerous storms.

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