In May, Calgary hopes for a big tourism season

In May, Calgary hopes for a big tourism season

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Published on : Monday, May 23, 2022

The long weekend of May is here, and with the holiday season continuing, normally the attractions across the city open their doors.

For several Calgary-based attractions, the three-day weekend in May is the commencement of tourism season as formally they are unlocked for the public. And remaining closed for two years due to COVID-19; many are expecting that this year will be a revival years in terms of possibilities, creating record visitation numbers.

Heritage Park is looking for a great season this year. This weekend, the park reopened to its visitors and is experiencing huge number of visitors coming in. Lindsey Galloway, president and CEO of Heritage Park, said that a month back, Lindsey had checked and found more than 320 tour groups coming from different countries of the world which easily exceeds any one of the finest years ever experienced. The Heritage Park, on an average welcomes roughly 3,000 guests every day, however all through the pandemic situation, only one-third of that number came to the site.

Heritage Park has somehow manoeuvred through; persisting like any other Calgary businesses. We’re quite happy to have made it through what we hope is the worst times.

With major restrictions eradicated and slowly larger events are returning to the city, Carson Ackroyd, senior vice-president of sales with Tourism Calgary, mentioned that on smaller attractions of Calgary, this could create a wave like effect.

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