In Terms of High Price, Hotel & Tourism Industries are on Difficult Situation

In Terms of High Price, Hotel & Tourism Industries are on Difficult Situation

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Published on : Monday, June 20, 2022

In repeat tourism, word of mouth in terms of value for money is very important.

While recounting their vacation experience to friends and others, after returning home, majority of most travellers mainly talk about three things – the weather of the place they visited, what they did and how expensive everything was.

So, referred business driven by the word of mouth, what travellers go through in terms of cost is tremendously crucial.
Ireland has considerably fared well in this aspect recently, as per Fáilte Ireland, with 8% of tourists saying that they get the true value for their money and 80% saying they were contended in terms of good value.

Paul Kelly, the Chief Executive, recently told an Oireachtas committee that the early signs showed that these scores in the summer are likely to get worse. Anecdotal stories of apparent “rip-off” charges in the last few weeks, along with hotels “price-gouging” and other tourism services have proliferated and are quickly outlining the preview of our tourism economy.

Anecdotes are not the ideal information to build evaluation. However, it‘s clear that the sector is encountering the problem of perception.

During the week, the Irish Hotels Federation went offensive in trying to work against some of the negative narrative that’s rising recently and in the times of social media, any narrative can spread like wild fire.
Basically, its argument is that high prices that customers have been reporting are because of the major imbalance in supply and demand in the hotel industry, the ones based in Dublin.

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