In Thailand, revival of tourism can generate 3 trillion baht

In Thailand, revival of tourism can generate 3 trillion baht

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Published on : Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Of late, the Ministry of Tourism of Thailand explained about the performance of its tourism sector during COVID times, emphasizing that its revival of tourism in two years post-pandemic has a chance to generate 3 trillion baht.

These statements were made as part of government’s description at the fiscal budget debates of the parliament, when the opposition blamed the proposed 2023 budget as unfair.

Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, the Tourism and Sports Minister of Thailand explained that the number of foreign tourists coming to Thailand prior to COVID-19 was almost 39.8 million. This contributed to 3 trillion baht that accounted for country’s 18% of the GDP.

Thailand last year recorded around 430,000 visitors from abroad. This figure was seen from the beginning of 2022 through May when the numbers increased to 1.31 million. For this year, it marked a positive start whatsoever.

At present, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Thailand, hopes that the foreign tourists numbers from June through September 2022 to be 2.7-3 million, and above 1 million between October and December. The ministry has fixed a target for 2022 in terms of total international tourism at 7-10 million people and hopes that the country to get control of 1.15-1.5 trillion baht.

The Thailand ministry expects that in 2023, the revenue of tourism will touch 2.4 trillion baht and in 2024, it will touch the pre-pandemic figure of 3 trillion baht easily.

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