Indonesia to Launch a 5-Year Visa to Attract Digital Nomads

Indonesia to Launch a 5-Year Visa to Attract Digital Nomads

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Published on : Thursday, June 16, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth adifferent work culture known as the ‘work-from-home’. While scores of firms around the world are converting to this new type of work mode, the travel and tourism divisions of many countries are trying to attracttravelers by offering manythought-provokingwork-from-home ideas. One of these countries is Indonesia, which is aiming to attract people from around the world offering a five-year visa for all digital nomads.

After SpainVenice and Estonia, Indonesia, which is a conspicuous beach destination, has presented such a visa plan for those working from their homes. Indonesia is well-known for its unspoiled beaches and wonderfulstaying options in Bali. By announcing this visa, Bali will try to attract longer-staying and more spending touristsonce again to its islands.

The five-year visa for thedigital nomads is expected to be introduced soon. Now that the attractions and beautiful beaches in Bali are reopening slowlyfor overseas travelers, the Indonesian government is considering options to bring back tourists andprogress the local economy.

As of now, the Indonesian government has dismissedalmost all of its travel restrictions including quarantine requirements. On May 18, Indonesia also took away the last of its RT-PCR necessities. And now that a majority of global companies are choosing ‘work from anywhere’ strategy, this looks like an opportune time for digital nomads to staywherever they want.

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