Janjehli Tourism Festival 2022 held at Janjehli in Mandi district

Janjehli Tourism Festival 2022 held at Janjehli in Mandi district

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Published on : Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The Chief Ministerof Himachal Pradesh Jai Ram Thakur chaired the closing event of Janjehli Tourism Festival this year held at JanjehliinMandi district. He said that a comprehensive development plan would be set up for improving the Janjehli area from tourism perspective to develop this area as a key tourist destination.

The CM in the course of his visit to the area, dedicatedprogressive projects worth Rs. 51.46 crore. He also laid the groundworkfor 19 developmental tasks at DheemKataruin theSeraj assembly area.

The CM said that the Janjehli Tourism Festival is aimed towardencouraging tourism undertakings in the area, which is indeed blessed with natural splendor and welcoming climate. He added that the entire area has enormous tourism prospectiveand if that is fully exploited, it has the possibility to come up as a freshnew tourist destination for tourists.

CM Thakur saidthat Shikari Mata Temple in that regionis not only a significantcenter from the religious perspective, but it is also gradually developing as a preferredspot for tourists. The Himachal state government isdedicated toward developing this place from the tourism viewpoint by craftingsufficient tourism arrangement in the area.

The ADB Project is being executed in Himachal to develop less significant tourist destinations as part of the ‘NaiRaaheinNaiManzilein’ programme. The CM said that a mega tourism task of Club Mahindra isabout to happen at Janjheli and would be finishedin the next couple of months.

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