Japan Tourism Agency to permit small group tours in May

Japan Tourism Agency to permit small group tours in May

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Published on : Thursday, May 19, 2022

The Japan Tourism Agency said that it would permit small group tours in May, which is part of a “test tourism” trial before Japan reopens fully to foreign visitors.

JTA said that the trial will help the Japanese government to evaluate health and safety procedures and how to tackle Covid-19 infections among the trial participants,.

A statement from the JTA said that this endeavor will help them to substantiate compliance and emergency responses for preventing infection and frame rules for travel agencies and accommodation operators to adhere to.

The trial was overdue from the end of 2021 due to amplified border control measures in the wake of the Omicron variant and will now be open to triple-vaccinated tourists from Australia, Singapore, Thailand and the US. The Japan Tourism Agency will design tours with travel agencies and inbound tour conductors will go along with tour groups constantly. Tour group tourists will need to stick to fixed travel programs.

The Japan government is thinking to take in 50 tourists for the trial package tours. However, the fixed number is still stands undecided.Participating tourists also need to have private health insurance.

The current testing requirements for entering Japan would also remain unchanged. Visitors will need to show a negative Covid test result taken 72 hours prior to departure and then get tested again upon arrival.

At present, only 10,000 peoplecan enter Japan every day; however, the Japan government is thinking toincrease that number to 20,000 in June.

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