Kerala initiates responsible tourism clubs across destinations throughout the state

Kerala initiates responsible tourism clubs across destinations throughout the state

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Published on : Wednesday, June 15, 2022

For boosting tourism, ensuring responsible travel and for involving the local communities, Kerala has initiated responsible tourism clubs throughout several destinations across the state.

The purpose behind launching this initiative is making tourism expansion more accountableand also sustainable at the local level.The initiative would focus on protecting local art and culture and executing green practices. This initiative lines up with the earlier launched Destination Challenge which looks forward torecognize and develop 500 tourism spots in the course of next four years. With the help ofthese Responsible Tourism Clubs, the Kerala government is aiming to assemble sustainability and accountability at the destination level.

In its initial phase, the Kerala government is planning to set up a minimum of 100 Responsible Tourism Clubs this year and at least 1000 clubs in the next three years. These tourism clubs will be set up at the destination level and will support and create awareness about sustainable and responsible tourism together withemphasizing business prospects for host communities. They will alsodeliver training and education for boosting local entrepreneurship among others.

These tourism clubs will also be responsible for waste management and prettification of a particular destination.

The first set of these Responsible Tourism Clubs have been set up already by the Kerala tourism department at colleges and universities in association with the Kerala Higher Education Department.

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