Kerala to create tourism clubs in main college campuses

Kerala to create tourism clubs in main college campuses

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Published on : Saturday, June 11, 2022

Kerala disclosedaninnovative project for creating tourism clubs in main college campuses across the state. It is a jointendeavor of the Tourism and Higher Educationdepartments. These tourism clubs will be created in 25 colleges in Kerala in the first phase.

The Kerala Department of Tourism will be giving away the funds for the goings-on of the clubs, which will be looking after the maintenanceof 25 tourism destinations. These clubs will especially make sure that the cleanliness of each property is maintained, said P.A. Mohamed Riyas, theTourism Minister of Kerala.

Mr. Riyas expressed his confidence that these college campus clubs will initiate new tourism inclinations, creating awareness about travel among students. Hesaid that this plan includes recognizingupcoming tourism professionals among students who can work toward publicizing destinations making use of social media platforms. Among students, there are good bloggers whosetalent can be made use of for featuring Kerala’s tourism attractions before a broader audience.

These youngsters can also work part-timeas tourism guides. Cultural exchanges and workshops will be carried on in association with foreign universities to improve their skills, saidMinisterRiyas.

R. Bindu, who is theMinister for Higher Education said that the enterprise will inspire students to recognize new tourism products and contribute toward growing the tourism sector, besides nurturingawarenessamongst students in travel and tourism.

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