Małopolska is expecting to get PLN16 million to boost tourism

Małopolska is expecting to get PLN16 million to boost tourism

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Published on : Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Małopolska in Poland is expecting to get PLN16 million (£2.9 million/$3.5 million/€3.4 million) by the end of 2023 for boosting tourism in the area during and after the European Games.

The money would be spent regarding promoting the appeal for the holidaymakers and capitalizing on Kraków-Małopolska 2023 by upholding the region’s attractions in Western Europe, especially in Britain, Germany, Austria, Scandinavian countries, Switzerland and Italy.

The “Małopolska – travel destination” project will also aim the United States.

Grzegorz Biedron, the President of the Małopolska Tourist Organisation said that they aim to show their cultural heritage, culinary skills, opportunities to spend time energetically in the Małopolska Mountains, bicycle routes among others.

All advertisements can be seen in each of the countries at various locations with active promotion of the project on majority of the social media platforms.

The aim of the initiative is to witness tourism numbers in 2023 touch the levels of 2019.

Biedron said that Małopolska became the most visited Polish region by foreign tourists before the pandemic set in with 50 per cent of new tourists coming to the area.

The money utilized will be collated from the funds received from the European Union from 2014 to 2020.

The Games are expected to cost around PLN500 million and it has attracted a lot of criticism that it should have been spent on more urgent issues.

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