Malta should aim on events, says EP official

Malta should aim on events, says EP official

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Published on : Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Malta should perk up its aim more on event and culture-based tourism which has the potential to attract tourists on a year-round basis, rather than simply aiming on mass tourism, in an interview on Sunday, a Hungarian MEP who works particularly in tourism told The Malta Independent.

Istvan Ujheli, who comes from the Hungarian Socialist Party, is also the vice chairman of the Committee on Transport and Tourism of the European Parliament. Ujheli was in Malta to take part in the Mediterranean Tourism Forum. This forum was arranged by the Malta Hotels & Restaurants Association.

When asked about the tourism sector of Malta and the way it should adopt, Ujheli exercised word of caution that Malta is a small island, targeting solely on mass tourism can prove to be unsafe due to the fact that it could lead to tremendous rush which the tourists as well as the locals of Malta will find objectionable.

He also said that it is significant to have tourism all through the year, something which can be attained via cultural events and tourism being organized between September and May.

He also added that he has met quite a few gifted and smart Maltese who have ground-breaking ideas in re-building the industry.

Also, Ujheli said that the programmes related to education are of immense significance. He explained that as he could not give any more details, he and other stakeholders are working together with foreign bodies to set up new educational programmes.

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