Meeting held between India and Southeast Asian foreign ministers

Meeting held between India and Southeast Asian foreign ministers

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Published on : Saturday, June 18, 2022

A distinct meeting was held between India and Southeast Asian foreign ministers with co-chairs India and Singapore asking for reinforcingconnectionsin the midst of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine along withanintensifiedconflict between the United States and China threatening peace and constancy in the region.

S. Jaishankar, India’s External Affairs Minister said that India along with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations are facing geopolitical influences as a result of the war in Ukraine and its detrimental impacts on food, energy safekeepingin addition to fertilizer and commodity prices along with logistics and supply chain troubles.

Jaishankarsaid that India completelybacks a strong, united, flourishing ASEAN whose importance in the Indo-Pacific is wholly acknowledged.

Vivian Balakrishnan, the Foreign Minister of Singapore said that Russia’s activities have upset the international structure of rules and standards.

Balakrishnan added that the conflict between China andthe US has direct effects for the entire region of Asia.

He opined that these developments, if unrestrained, can disrupt the singularstructure of peace and permanence which we have relied on as the foundation of our progress and improvement and opulence over the decades.

Jaishankarstressed the necessity for reinforcing land and sea connectivity with member states of theASEAN. The advancement of the India-Myanmar-Thailand highway is inclusive of the ASEAN-India Connectivity enterprise.Trade betweenthe ASEAN areaand India amounted to more than $78 billion in 2021.

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