New Flights – A sign of Tourism Revival

New Flights – A sign of Tourism Revival

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Published on : Monday, April 25, 2022

To the tourism sector, the removal of PCR COVID-19 requirements on flights has made matters more exciting.

The Tourism Business Council of Zimbabwe pressed the panic button, in January 2022, issuing caution of tremendous damage unless government shifted policy and made the tough conditions easier and relaxed on hotels.

The TBCZ brings several organisations under one roof that represents the interests of the industry like the Association of Zimbabwe Travel Agents, the Board of Airline Representatives, the Zimbabwe Vehicle Rental Association, the Zimbabwe-Tour Operators Association, the Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe, the Catering Employers Association of Zimbabwe and the Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe.

In 2021, the dilemma of tourism was compounded by the surfacing of the COVID-19 Omicron variant, which compelled government to implement stringent steps to control the contagion, like closing down of public spaces in hotels, the locomotives that drive leisure and travel worldwide on a temporary basis.

Later on, government made restrictions even tighter when it directed restaurants attached to hotels, backpackers, lodges and guest houses to cater food and drinks in rooms only.

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