New York City tourism reaches major height

New York City tourism reaches major height

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Published on : Thursday, June 9, 2022

Is tourism in New York City is on the edge of a major resurgence?

Mayor Eric Adams is quite sure about this. He declared that in tourism, a record demand was seen last week.
On this, Ali Bauman of CBS2 has more to say what this entails for business.

One is not required to tell the New Yorkers that for two long years, city’s restaurants and entertainment industries got hampered immensely. However, with the approaching summer times of 2022, many businesses are optimistic with caution that at last, tourists are coming back.

From Slovakia, the Duhova family to enjoy their honeymoon has come to the New York City. That now they are in Big Apple, they’re exploring all spots.

Duhova said that all the prime attractions like the Statue of Liberty and other famous things that the city is known for. Duhova is not the only one. Statue City Cruises, said that its visitor numbers has increased up to 70 percent of pre-pandemic levels.

The VP of sales and marketing for Statue City Cruises, Rafael Abreu, said that they witnessed a higher rise in visitor numbers which they didn’t see prior to the pandemic. Mayor Adams explains that demand in hotels have returned to almost 95 percent of the levels that existed per pandemic times, with more than 760,000 rooms booked in the previous week.

He also said that since theatres reopened last summer, Broadway ticket sales have reached its highest level.

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