Now, to Saudi Arabia, GCC residents can enter visa-free

Now, to Saudi Arabia, GCC residents can enter visa-free

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Published on : Saturday, June 18, 2022

Without any visa for leisure tourism, business and umrah purposes, now Saudi Arabia is hoped to permit GCC residents to enter the country.

A recent report in business news portal Trends shows that Saudi Arabia for all GCC locals with a legitimate work and resident visa, in a little while, will introduce a visa-free travel system.

The Ministry of Tourism of the Kingdom has informed that the magazine about the draft law which is all prepared for the new scheme and will be unveiled in few days, officially.

Expats, under this new visa scheme will now be permitted to enter Saudi Arabia, if they have valid residency and work visas related to tourism, business and umrah purposes, with exception of Haj.

Reports show that there could be some exemption for certain categories in visa, like visa for the maid or for construction workers. However, white-collar workers, professionals, and other residents having stipulated regular income will be allowed to enter Saudi Arabia visa-free.

Ahmed Al-Khateeb, the Saudi Minister of Tourism, last week, in a TV interview explained that for GCC residents, Saudi Arabia will soon be introducing a new visa scheme.

Also, he stated that in 2019, the tourist visas which were published by the Kingdom still exists.

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