On 12th Tourism Day, VR steals the spotlight

On 12th Tourism Day, VR steals the spotlight

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Published on : Saturday, May 21, 2022

May 19th, i.e. Thursday, was celebrated as the 12th Tourism Day in China. But, because of COVID-19, travel habits of the common people have went through enormous transformation. It has become a kind of new normal for travellers not to be a part of any gathering, not to travel distant places, and to give importance to personal cleanliness and hygiene like never before.

To explore the exotic places of the world, travelling through VR and online influencers has become a newest trend. Li Baiwen, a professor at the School of Tourism of Beijing Union University, has recently said that travelling online has actually added a new form of presentation and together with the digital world, online travel as a whole has given more possibilities for producing tourism content.

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