On Tourism Cooperation, Iraq & Iran sign MoU

On Tourism Cooperation, Iraq & Iran sign MoU

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Published on : Thursday, June 16, 2022

On Monday, during a meeting in Tehran, at the Niavaran Cultural and Historical Complex, a ceremony was arranged for signing the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Ancient Heritage of the Republic of Iraq and the Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Tourism and Handicrafts of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The two ministers declared about e removing barriers to initiate tourism with Iraq along with people movement by private car all through the year.

Zarghami said that it’s quite pleasing to see an academic with a background in science has taken on this responsibility. Also said that everyone is quite confident that relationship related to culture and tourism between Iran and Iraq will get better.

Zarghami also defined the MoU as one facilitating cultural and tourism relations, adding that the relationship between the two countries has been exceptional from olden times, and the nations hope the two governments to take away all obstacles.

He outlined cultural heritage and tourism promotion is a joint mission of the two. It has a high potential for amalgamation and cohesion between Iran and Iraq.

Emphasizing the urgency to do away with obstructions and make relations easy between the two nations. Zarghami described when it comes to cooperation; pilgrimage tourism plays an important role between the two countries, mentioning that the Arbaeen march is the largest gathering of humans and a unique phenomenon in the world.

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