Ozark Gateway Tourist Council arranged its annual tourism banquet

Ozark Gateway Tourist Council arranged its annual tourism banquet

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Published on : Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Last month in April, the Ozark Gateway Tourist Council arranged its annual tourism appreciation banquet at the Main Street Loft. Nicholas Bertucci was the guest speaker over there and spoke about his journey starting right from military life to being a tourism owner, operator, and a host for the guests in Arkansas. A travel writer for Arkansas Tourism, named Kim Williams, also talked about the 2024 Total Eclipse and told the attendees to stay prepared to witness this major event. The event presented the finalists of 2022 of the local tourism and award winners identifying the exceptional campaigns of the businesses, individuals and media to advertise tourism in the region.

The Partner’s in Tourism awards is awarded to businesses that go an extra mile in assisting OGTC in promoting the Arkansas. North Arkansas Electric Cooperative, First Community Bank, FutureFuel, Areawide Media, and Bank of Cave City are the 2022 Partners in Tourism.

Late Tom Biggs, a Sharp County native who retired in Batesville, the Tom Biggs Award has been named after him. He sold more than 100 memberships in Independence County. To help other counties with their sales target each year, Tom had travelled. For outstanding service to tourism, OGT pays tribute to his memory with the annual “Tom Biggs Award”.

However, 2022’s Tom Biggs Award inductee was Chuck McNeight. He has been a supporter of the Ozark Gateway Region for quite some time now and currently occupies the position of board member emeritus.

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