Penticton kick-started its peak tourism season in May

Penticton kick-started its peak tourism season in May

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Published on : Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Penticton in the interiors of B.C. kick-started its peak tourism season with May Long weekend. Many tourism attractions reopened their gates, and new businesses were introduced along Lakeshore Drive.

On this Friday, the S.S. Sicamous Museum and Heritage Park, has reopened its doors for the public for first time since pandemic.

S.S. Sicamous Society vice-president Matt Verboeket said that it feels great and public’s response was equally enthusiastic. During the pandemic, the museum had closed down its entrance because the huge ship could not meet the safety protocols of COVID-19.

Verboeket said that many artifacts in there have shellac on them and we all know that sanitizers contain alcohol. As a result, there always had the possibility of alcohol melting the shellac. So, we decided to close down.

The museum volunteers after a busy first weekend said that they are quite positive about the summer.

Verboeket said that they are very optimistic and it’s going to be phenomenal as well. Verboeket also said that they have new staffs post pandemic. On Friday, the Cherry On Top Shake Shop had its gala opening session. The shop is situated quite close to its previous location at the iconic Penticton Peach.

The Cherry On Top Shake Shop owner, Diana Stirling, said that they are truly happy and quite thankful after last weekend’s success. Diana also said that the May long weekend was amazing. It was remarkable to see guests in Penticton, relishing the wonderful weather.

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