Phillip island kick starting tourism with hot springs for tourists

Phillip island kick starting tourism with hot springs for tourists

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Published on : Saturday, June 18, 2022

Philip island Australia

Phillip island is soon going to be adorned with more hot springs to welcome the post pandemic tourists. To attract tourists after the drastic fall during the pandemic Andrews Labour Government is funding the project with a total of $5.2 million. The project will depend on Tourism Fund. The Labour government is also supporting the Newhaven attraction with the help of Regional Tourism Investment plan. 

Among this budget $4.7 million will be invested from the Regional Tourism Investment. Seven new pools of hot spring will be added to the existing bathing area. Three more thermal pools will be added next to the Cape Kitchen waterfront restaurant. Enchanting views of Bass Strait will be major attraction of these pools.  Later, the adjacent area will  be transferred to a dining lounge for 100 guests.

It is expected that this new plan will create 35 new construction jobs, 68 full-time and part time jobs once it gets finished in 2023.

Enabling Tourism Fund will further support the project with an additional $500000. This will however target the development of Cape Woolamai and hot springs majorly. The entire lounge will comprise of 120 room, saltwater Spring Spa and Wellness Centre.

Philip island has high amount of dependency on tourism. The country has hosted nearly 2.7 million tourists in 2019. The total stay of these tourists has been 3.1 million nights and they have contributed about $579 million to the economy. The new boost is expected to bring additional 73000 new visitors and contribute to the economy with $4.7 million.

Martin Pakula, Minister of Tourism, Sport and Major Events has stated that since Philip island is one of the major tourist attraction for the entire Victoria, it is high time to invest in the business. Besides, this project will also bring attractive job opportunities for the locals.

Jordan Crugnale has stated this program will bring the global tourists to the stunning beauty of Philip island and help Philip island to move a step forward towards successful tourism.

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