Pre-paid counter for pony services in Gulmarg

Pre-paid counter for pony services in Gulmarg

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Published on : Saturday, June 4, 2022

SarmadHafeezthe Secretary of Tourism in J&K, visited Gulmarg where he launched the pre-paid counter for pony service that was initiated by the J&K tourism department.AfterPahalgam last week,this is another pre-paid counter for pony facilities that was started by the tourism department.

Mr. Hafeezofficially handed over the first pre-paid slip to a tourist where representatives of different departments and local stakeholders were present.

As part ofthis prepaid service, tourists can go for a pony ride at a designated spot closeto TRC, Gulmarg and embark a pony trip booked on selected routes as per the rates specified by the department. The tourism department is willing to launch this pony service in other tourist destinations of Kashmir at the same time.

The Tourism Secretary applauded the local stakeholders for starting a pre-paid counter for pony facilities and hoped thatwith this,there would not be any scope for grievancesforduping or unwanted hassles.

SarmadHafeezlauded the local stakeholders for maintaining the custom of local hospitality, and said that there is a petition from local stakeholders regardingcreation of similar counters.He hoped that with this,both tourists and visitors can enjoy aproblem free pony ride without any awkwardnessordeceit.

Mr. Hafeez said that Gulmarg has now become a year round destination with improvement of attractions like skiing and games during winters, improved road connectivity, power supply and hygiene.

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