Relaxation gives more power to tourism

Relaxation gives more power to tourism

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Published on : Thursday, June 9, 2022

Once again, the tourism sector is recovering its lost power with simplified restrictions of COVID-19 in several countries worldwide. When it comes to travel, easing restrictions and sightseeing remains the decisive factors for maximum travelers, after the drop of the virus cases, in India, spiritual tourism is grabbing maximum attention. India has seen a 35 percent rise in the spiritual tourism segment, according to Thomas Cook and SOTC Travel reports.

To the fore, the report emphasizes the main causes for increased popularity of religious travel in the Indian subcontinent. Feeling of thankfulness is one of the key factors. People expressed more interest in religious activities during the pandemic times, quite higher than what was before. In order to pull through their businesses, many people are keen on getting the blessings of the God during these tough times. In the same way, for weddings ‘thanksgiving’ and the birth of a new life is a big reason to get on with spiritual tourism.

Thomas Cook has explained that they are seeing a major rise in interest in spiritual tourism and get God’s blessings.

With the strong stress of the Indian government in regard to connectivity and growth in infrastructure, spiritual locations are grabbing more interest not just from the citizens who are above 60 years but also from the millenials and groups. Thomas Cook has also added that on this regard, their product portfolio has been diversified to provide a sundry of the perfect pilgrimages along with customized options.

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