SATTE 2021 – the first main international tourism event held after the lockdowns

SATTE 2021 – the first main international tourism event held after the lockdowns

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Published on : Friday, June 17, 2022

Last year in March, SATTE 2021 was the first main international tourism event held, after countries globally startedimplementing lockdowns from February 2020. In spite oflesser number of exhibitors, the occasiongatheredwarm response from buyers from all overIndia and some international as well. These buyers in spite of the air travel and other limits still found ways to attend the event.

The corridorsin the event were full of buyers, and exhibitors were hopeful andeager to sign new deals and contracts. SATTE 2022, if anything, proved to be more enthusiastic. The show witnessed more than 120 per cent progresscomparedto the previous edition although there was a very challenging domestic and international travel backgrounddue to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 29th versionof the event proved to be a huge declaration on India and the South Asia’sprospective for domestic, global and regional tourism, supporting UNWTO’s data highlighting the region as one of the fastest developingmarkets with regard to tourism along with source market for destinations around the world.

Concerning domestic tourism in India, exhibitors from several parts in India, right from Kashmir to Kerala along withthe states of Gujarat and Rajasthan to India’s North East, took part in SATTEtogether with their regions’ foremost DMCs, hotels and other providersfor displaying their products, destinations andcontributions to prospective customers.

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