Soyasambu Conservancy in Kenya bypassing electric vehicles and using camels for safari

Soyasambu Conservancy in Kenya bypassing electric vehicles and using camels for safari

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Published on : Friday, May 13, 2022

In order to drive eco-friendly tourism, Soyasambu Conservancy in Kenya is giving a miss to jeeps and electric vehicles and using camels for safari. Tourists visiting the region can get a chance to ride on camelbacks and watch the wildlife in it natural form.

This measure is expected to lessen pollution levels in conservancy with lesser numbers of smoke emitting vehicles.

Although electric vehicles are good, they still leave Carbon footprints. Not all areas of the safari were reachable by vehicles; hence, riding camels or walking on foot would not pose any such challenges.

This camel mode of transport might turn out to be favorable both for the tourists and wild animals. It has been seen that animals tend to get scared or even violent toward vehicles considering them to be foreign objects. And thus, nearness to camels is not likely to get such response from animals. Tourists, on the other hand, can go nearer to animals and monitor them in their surroundings. Conservationists have already welcomed this measure of riding camels instead of vehicles.

Also, camels do not step on small animals like rabbits when they move around. This is not the case with vehicles, which may result in loss of wildlife.

All said and done, the use of camels is also expected to attract the anger of animal rights activists who may see use of camels as ‘cruelty to animals’.

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