Space tourism – Bright future

Space tourism – Bright future

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Published on : Friday, April 29, 2022

The future of space tourism and travel looks quite prospective.

Orbital Assembly Corporation is developing the technology to set up the first commercially workable space park. Here, facilities for people to work, live and play will happen in space one day. The company has announced that its Pioneer space station will have artificial gravity for people to walk and run in space in a normal manner. It’s expected to be operational as early as 2025.

There will be five modules in stations, each of them up to 14,000 cubic feet of space, made around the rotating Gravity Ring of OAC. For the people on board, it will provide artificial gravity. The station will accommodate 28 guests. Also, it will have both Zero-G and variable levels of gravity up to .57-G. As a comparison, Earth’s gravity is measured at 1-G.
The gravity level will let the visitors to sleep in beds without having to be attached to one physically or drink out of a cup, or eat without food floating in the air. OAC’s goal is to create space parks for space travelers who can come and visit them. Also, include other applications that include military, communications and more.

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