TAT aims of 1 million tourists in June

TAT aims of 1 million tourists in June

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Published on : Tuesday, May 24, 2022

The tourism authorities in Thailand have opined that their aim for the number of foreign arrivals in Thailand is expected to happen earlier than it was forecast. The Tourism Authority of Thailand had said earlierthat it expected 1 million tourists per month to land in Thailand between October and December, building up to thepeak season. The TAT has now said that Thailand should attain this goal starting in June. This fact was stressed by the TAT Governor.

As of May 19, Thailand witnessed 1.1 million tourists for the entire 2022 so far. India is among the top countries concerning visitors coming to Thailand, followed by the UK, Germany, the US, and Russia, taking into consideration the end of February. However, many Russians are still stranded in Thailand at the moment).

Nevertheless, the prediction of 1 million tourists in the month of June would not become a reality. Even if Thailand witnesses 1 million international arrivals next month, only 60-70% of them would be real tourists. The TAT have been over-predicting tourist arrivals ever since the borders started re-opening in 2020, contrary to the actual numbers thatarrivedsooner or later.

As per predictions, there are many things falling to the advantage of Thailand and people are also willing to return to the Land of Smiles. In the meantime, global headwinds, including price rises, increasing fuel and air ticket prices, impendingdownturns in leading economies and in Thailand, thepersistent Thailand Pass and remaining restrictions are posing problems for interested visitors.

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