Thailand small unpopulated islet becomes popular with tourists

Thailand small unpopulated islet becomes popular with tourists

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Published on : Monday, June 20, 2022

Visitors from overseas have started to come back to the tourist destinations from the beginning of the year after the Thai government took awayfew Covid-19 restrictions. This tourist influx has been witnessed from Phuket to Chiang Mai, some of which have even observedoverloading of visitors.

This heartening trend,however,gives rise to a challenge for tourism controllingafter the pandemic. With tourism predicted to be the main catalystfor economic recovery, Thailand is in need of a clear approach for sustainable tourism, by which it canevade the harmbrought in by over tourismbefore the pandemic period.

One destination which has by now experienced harmbrought in byoverloading and selfie-crazy tourists is a small unpopulated islet located off the coast of eastern Tratregion. This islet has now become popular among users of social media.

This islet isdubbed “KohKhaiHuaRoh” which means the comical island.It is just a few meters wide with onlyasingle tree, which makes it appear like a fantasy island in KhaiHuaRoh,a popular Thai comic.

The unique features of this islet haveappealedto the tourists who are willing to take photographs of themwith the tree and post them on social media.

In the last few months, after the lessening of the pandemic restrictions, largecrowds of Thai tourists have startedvisiting the islet. Some of them have even come with over 10 members although the islet can accommodate only five tourists at a time.

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