Thailand Tourism Authority is Confident of Attracting 300,000 Visitors Every Month

Thailand Tourism Authority is Confident of Attracting 300,000 Visitors Every Month

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Published on : Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is quite confident that the country will witness 300,000 tourists every month with a glass half-full in one hand, and a calculator in the other. Yuthasak Supasorn explains that his agency on April 29th will meet with tourism operators to talk about strategies related to promotion for the international market. He is quite hopeful that every time Thailand relaxes entry measures further, numbers related to tourism will increase, as the way it happened in April when the requirement for a pre-departure PCR test was raised.

In spite of the awaiting low season, Yuthasak says that Thailand every month could welcome 300,000 visitors, from like India and the Middle East, in particular Saudi Arabia, after the Ramadan religious period. Also, Yuthasak says that by the end of the year, the number could grow to 1 million, if entry restrictions are lifted even more and the pandemic situation gets better.

The TAT in a bid convince Thais to holiday within Thailand rather going abroad will meet today with tourism operators of the domestic sector to talk about phase 5 of the “We Travel Together” scheme. Under the scheme, as per Bangkok Post report, hotel operators will be requested to offer an extra 2 million room nights, separate to the subsidy of the government for 2 million nights.

“The 2 meetings will help us explore the gap we still need to fill each month and be able to maintain the same goal at 5 – 15 million international arrivals and 160 million domestic trips.”

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