The UNWTO votes to suspend Russia from the organization

The UNWTO votes to suspend Russia from the organization

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Published on : Saturday, April 30, 2022

The UNWTO voted to suspend Russia from the organization. The move came during an emergency session organized at the request of 6 members and concerning the instruction of the UNWTO’s Executive Council. The Executive Council haddisputed suspending Russia during an emergency meeting held last month.

In early April, a committee set up by the UNWTO found that Russia’s military belligerence against Ukraine denied the fundamental aims of the organization and justified the medical laboratory application of Article 34 of the decreesfor suspending Russia from the UNWTO membership.

Before the vote for suspension, however, the Russian delegation declared its withdrawal from the organization. The UNWTO still voted to suspend Russia by more than a two-third majority.

To quote the UNWTO Secretary-General, ZurabPololikashvili, “UNWTO’s Members have sent a clear message: Tourism is a pillar of peace and international friendship, and Members of UNWTO must uphold these values or face consequences, with no exceptions. This emergency General Assembly shows that Russia’s actions are indefensible and contrary to the very principles of UNWTO and of international governance.”

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