To upgrade tourist infrastructure, ministry to use NIS 300m

To upgrade tourist infrastructure, ministry to use NIS 300m

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Published on : Friday, June 17, 2022

The Tourism Ministry of Israel is introducing an effort where the country’s tourism infrastructure will be developed with roughly NIS 300 million, as per Tuesday press release. The local authorities and public bodies are invited by the ministry to submit requests to help the projects that will considerably add to tourism, both in terms of incoming as well as domestic.

Tourism Ministry Director General, Dani Shahar, said that he has requested local authorities and public bodies to submit requests that will make projects a major contribution to incoming and domestic tourism, said the manager of the campaign.

A list of policies has been published by the ministry for financial help, which comprises giving more importance on expansion of overnight accommodation, construction of bike path and the introduction of Ultra-Orthodox and wine tourism, in addition of improvement of general infrastructure in order to take in more tourists.

On the basis of a number of criteria, the ministry will decide its contribution to projects comprising their contribution to incoming tourism along with the economic development of the region, their maintainability etc.

The authorities getting financial aid to upgrade their locales for tourists to take pleasure in will have to take the responsibility for its maintenance. Also, they will be asked to conduct all maintenance works going on at this moment at their expense after the project has been completed.

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