Tourism boom in B.C. across all sorts of travellers

Tourism boom in B.C. across all sorts of travellers

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Published on : Thursday, June 9, 2022

In this summer of 2022, the tourism operators of B.C. are quite thrilled about what they expect to welcome a huge flood of tourists.

Whether the target market of the tourism operators is budget travellers or visitors with mid-range spending capacity or rich vacationers, their anticipation is that this year, there will be a major rush in tourism business compared to 2021. Tourism businesses in few cases are surpassing the levels of the pre-pandemic days of 2019.

The agents of Fresh Tracks Canada are currently booking trips far more than what they used to do three years back, as per Bryan Baker, its vice-president of analytics.

This Vancouver-based national travel agency has around 82-employees and they develop and sell personalized vacation itineraries including numerous hotels and outings along with guest transportation.

This places the company in the higher niche of the travel sector. Baker explained that he is quite confident that tourism is profiting from revenge travel or revenge spending, wherein people on their trips, spend generously as they are bored of being staying at home for over two years.

In late May, the agents of Fresh Tracks Canada had booked almost 1,780 trips from May to September. It’s almost 65.7 per cent higher than the 2019’s 1,074 trips the company had booked.

Also, the customers of Fresh Tracks’ are now opting for longer trips than what they used to do three years back.

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