Tourism can generate income in the NE states

Tourism can generate income in the NE states

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Published on : Friday, May 13, 2022

In the North Eastern states, tourism has the possibility to generate income for the population, said the NEC secretary K Moses Chalai.

Chalai said that tourism can offer prospective of income in the Northeastern states. Income generation is indeed a big concern although there is a lot of infrastructural development in the region. Chalai addressed a roundtable discussion on ‘Developing a Framework for Seamless Tourist Movements to North Eastern States of India’.

The two-day round table discussion was held by a policy research center at the IIM-Shillong.

The NEC secretary said that ‘Off-road’ tourism has immense prospective in the North Eastern Region and it needs further attention for attracting tourists from all over.

IIM-Shillong Director Prof DP Goyal stressed on the need to work at the grassroots level to know about the challenges concerned regarding improvement of framework for unharmed tourist movement.

Mr. Goyal said that there is a requirement of dynamic, integrated portals for providing current data, so that tourists can travel safely and without any problem across the entire North Eastern region.

Policy research center coordinator Sanjeev K Ningombam mentioned the insufficient data tracking of tourists and their contribution to the economy on the whole.

Ningombam said that it is indeed the right time to push the tourism sector and exploit its best potential which can deal with economic and social concerns of the North Eastern region.

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