Tourism chiefs commended Ariel Sands Resort plan approval

Tourism chiefs commended Ariel Sands Resort plan approval

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Published on : Saturday, May 14, 2022

The plan to restore the Ariel Sands Resort in Devonshire got the approval and has been considered as an improvement towards the renewal of tourism.

The plans for the South Shore site, featuring 21 villas, a 33-room hotel, along with a 30-unit condominium building – all done for tourism purposes got last week the permission of the Development Applications Board.

Yesterday, Charles Jeffers II, CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, said that the BTA greeted this news about new rooms and increased hotel inventory which in the long run puts into the levels of 2019 in tourism and reinstates lost position.

Vance Campbell, the Minister of Tourism, commended the news as a positive one for the Bermuda tourism and its growth.

He also said that the addition of yet another option for visitors in terms of accommodation is a welcome gift.

For Bermuda, this mix of villas, hotel rooms, and condominiums has the possibility for longer stays and higher financial activity.

He also mentioned this week’s S&P Ratings Report. In the coming years, we can expect growth that will benefit from the growth in the international finances and lift up in tourism.

For the investors in Bermuda, this news can prove to be a positive signal.

The project developers in Bermuda didn’t answer to press questions from The Royal Gazette on probable start dates and development expenditure.

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