Tourism in Rajasthan picks up speed again

Tourism in Rajasthan picks up speed again

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After being undecided for more than two years in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism in Rajasthan has once again started to resume, with the state luring 14.9 million tourists in the first quarter of this year. The desert state saw 14.8 million domestic tourists, as confirmed by the officials of Rajasthan Tourism.

Only 5.4 million domestic tourists visited Rajasthan during the equivalent period in 2021, mainly due to the pandemic situation. During the first three months of 2020, when Covidwas gradually making its presence felt, 11.4 million domestic tourists visitedRajasthan.

In the current situation, the domestic tourist footfall in Rajasthan has exceeded the figures of the pre-Covid days, according toGayatriRathore, the principal secretary of Rajasthan Tourism.

Rathore said that the summer season is usually low considering tourism in Rajasthan, since it is a desert state. However, they witnessed a huge influx this season.

She said that due to this current tourist flow, the state tourism departmentis planning to launch night tourism in various parts of Rajasthan, so that tourists have something interesting to visit at nightafter having visited forts and monuments during the day. The state tourism department is also planning musical nights at important locations of Rajaasthan, where tourists can enjoy a great timeand listen to traditional music without having to pay for that during the evenings.

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