Tourism Vancouver Island – Creating a new path by transition

Tourism Vancouver Island – Creating a new path by transition

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Published on : Monday, May 16, 2022

On Road to Recovery segment for this week with Douglas Magazine, Hannah Lepine of CHEK News exchanging words with Anthony Everett, the President and CEO of 4VI.

All through COVID, tourism was one of the most badly hit industries, as businesses were compelled to come about with fresh ideas and plans to stay in business.

Tourism Vancouver Island was one of those businesses; however at present they are creating a new path by changing from a destination management organization and become a social enterprise.

At this moment, they go by ‘4VI’, a business created to make sure that travel is a force for good on Vancouver Island.
Anthony discusses on this change to 4VI in this segment. The reason of taking such a decision to change, and the way they’re setting up of a long-lasting yet vibrant and sustainable visitor economy.

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