Tourists are once again visiting Croatia after the pandemic

Tourists are once again visiting Croatia after the pandemic

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Published on : Friday, June 17, 2022

Tourists are once again visiting Croatia after the pandemic destroyed its vivacioustourism industry. However, the Adriatic country has a problem.It lacks workers to take care of themasses of visitors.

Facingprolongedscarcity of tourism workers, Croatia is employing people in adjoining Balkan countries along with Asia to seal this gap.

Lack of workers is a problem that has been experienced by top tourist destinations in Europe too, like France, Greeceand Spain. They have experienced this ever since the lifting of the pandemic restrictions.

This is an issue that Croatia, popular for its tranquil coast line speckled with more than 1,000 islands and islets has alreadysufferedfor years. However, it has worsened with the pandemic.

This year, the tourism industry is expected tohave a deficit of 10,000 workers as per official estimates.

StanislavBriskoski, the proprietor of a restaurant in the tourist attraction of Rovinj said that the situation is disturbing.

Croatia is clued-upregarding a tourism revival. It has hosted almost three million visitors in the course of first five months of 2022. It is closely triple the number compared to2021, which augursgood for the top summer timeduring July and August.

Croatia with 3.8 million people welcomed a record 21 million people in 2019.

VeljkoOstojic,the head of the Croat tourism association said that the longing for travel is immense and tourists will surely come.

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