TTAG expresses concerns regarding low foreign tourist numbers due to pandemic

TTAG expresses concerns regarding low foreign tourist numbers due to pandemic

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Published on : Friday, June 17, 2022

The Travel & Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) expressed their concernsregarding the lessernumber of foreign tourists in the wake of thepandemic and other issues. They have urged the Chief Minister of Goa Mr. PramodSawant to persuade the Center to issue e-visas to the residents of the Kyrgyzstan, theUK and Canada among other nations.

Nilesh Shah, theTTAG President said that they have also voiced the matter of harassment of tourists by the Goa Police.

He said that tourists should not be treated like offenders. If they disobeythe traffic signals, it needs to be handled with good talks without anyharassment.

Shah said that the next season would be reliant completely on the onset of charter flights, and this needs to befortified.
He said that the tourism sector in Goa has suffered due to taking away of e-visa for travelers from the UK, Kyrgyzstan,Canada and other countries. A petition has been presented to the Chief Minister to present this matter to the Central government and find a solution regarding that.

Shah said that generally senior citizens from the UK come to Goa. They find it problematic to apply for a regular paper visa at the Indian Embassy, since itincludes extra cost of traveling along with other expenditures.

Before the pandemic, around 40 to 50 thousand UK travelers used to visit Goa by charter flights, and a good amount of tourists came by scheduled flights too.

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