Udaipur witnesses record tourism numbers in May

Udaipur witnesses record tourism numbers in May

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Published on : Wednesday, June 15, 2022

In spite of the sweltering heat, the tourist numbers in Udaipur has surpassed all records this year in the month of May. The tourist movement during the summer months always remained unattractiveand negligible in the earlier years.

However, this year, 93,500 tourists visited Udaipur in the month of May, which is up to nowthe highest. This figure never surpassed 58,000 in the earlier year during the month of May.

As a result of persistent lockdowns, ensuing restrictions and Covid-19 pandemic, in the last two years, the number of tourists in Udaipur city was quite insignificant. The record-breaking tourist numbers this year has balanced the loss incurred.

As per the figures of tourism disclosed by the Rajasthan tourism department, the existing year has proved to beheartening for tourism in Udaipur.

In the month of January, Udaipur witnessed in excess of 71,000 tourists. Since then, from the period of February till May, an unparalleled record of tourist numbers was witnessed this year in Udaipur. During the month of February this year, Udaipur saw 77,000 tourists and in March, the figures surpassed 1.10 lakh.

In April,the number of tourists was 84,000, while in the month of May, the number of tourists once againwent over93,000, which is the largest numbers of tourists arrivingin the course of these months ever in the history of Udaipur.

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