Vietnam’s tourism and farm harvest trade prospective presented to Israeli partners

Vietnam’s tourism and farm harvest trade prospective presented to Israeli partners

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Published on : Saturday, June 18, 2022

Vietnam’s tourism and farm harvest trade prospective was presented to Israeli partners at a seminar. It was held in Tel Aviv on June 15, which aimed to increase bilateral cooperation in these areas.

Ly DucTrung, the Vietnamese Ambassador said that Vietnam has much scope for getting investment and promoting manufacture. Israeli people and businessescoming to the country can get the right to usevaried material sources. Travel companies can set up agro-tourism tours, and investors can help increase value of local agricultural products.

Trungsuggested tech firms regarding Israel to present advanced technologies and methods, so that Vietnam can improve its agricultural production volume. If high know-howis applied further, farm produce will have greateradditionalworth and effectivenessafter beingdistributed to the global and regional markets.

Other members at the event expressed their desire to tap into bilateral collaboration prospective in tourism and trade. They pointed out that Israeli people are keen to travel to Vietnam,sincethe country has brought the pandemic under control and has fully reopened tourism.

In the meantime, Israel has many types of machinery, mostly connected to agricultural manufacture and food processing, that is required by Vietnamese industries.

The two sides are hasteningdiscussionsregarding important deals likefree trade contract and labor collaboration, and considering a direct air route. Israel is also growingaid for industries and startups of Vietnam.

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