VIFT to endorse culture & tourism together

VIFT to endorse culture & tourism together

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Published on : Saturday, June 11, 2022

Arranged by Voyage Group together with IEX Group and S Designer House, a Vietnamese fashion brand, VIFT has brought together around 40 foreign brands and designers and 1,000 models successfully, carrying out eight fashion shows in five cities.

Also, the fashion tour consists of a sequence of activities like programs designed to increase funds for the deprived children, model casting and a reality show to know about the cultural values.

VIFT has no boundaries, making the use of natural beauty and eye-catching architecture as the catwalk background and make a fashion experience that brings the travel together.

Lê Trần Đắc Ngọc, the President of VIFT, said that in addition to informing new trends in fashion and networking with designers and audiences, VIFT primarily aims on showcasing the culture and tourism of Vietnam with the help of fashion shows arranged at different popular landmarks that will contribute behind the promotion of Vietnamese culture and tourism.

At the VIFT, the collections showcased will be destination inspired as well as themed which will bring them in line with the background and culture of the Vietnamese.

In Việt Nam, this is the first fashion project to make use of the technology of virtual reality. VIFT will open a ‘virtual universe’. It will include the first virtual trade centre Việt Nam for all industries. The event will be a meeting point for the fashionistas and tourism sector after the pandemic.

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