World tourism has the potential to go up to $8.6 trillion this year

World tourism has the potential to go up to $8.6 trillion this year

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Published on : Tuesday, June 7, 2022

World tourism is facing the effect of natural and man-made events, in a row. In spite of that, it has the potential to go up to $8.6 trillion this year, as per a survey carried on by the tourism industry.

Travel and tourism as a segment added 21.7 percent to the worldwide gross domestic product last year after dropping sharply in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, as per a survey carried on jointly by the World Travel and Tourism Council along with Oxford Economics. Both travel bodies said that, tourism growth this year representsimmensepossibilities.

Although tourism exhibited strong recovery signs in January this year after being affected badly under the restrictions of the pandemic, the Russian attack on Ukraine added to the insecurity, said the UNWTO.

The report of the UN said that global tourist influxes more than doubled in January this year, increasing by 130 percent when compared to January last year. Around 18 million additional tourists were recordedinternationally in March this year.

Although these tourism figures represent a positive drift, recovery stopped indefinitely due to the advent ofthe Omicron variant and the ensuing travel restrictions in many destinations around the world. In January this year, international arrivals were 67 percent lessthan pre-said the according to the UN report. In January itself, all regions did considerably better than the same month in 2021.

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